UX/UI Web Design and Development

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Building Websites and Web Interfaces for Businesses and Government Agencies.
I Primarily Build with WordPress

Clients Past and Present

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Building a Website is Important… But Integrations Boost Websites With Superpowers!

Looking to get more out of WordPress? I can visually integrate WordPress into any workflow to save time and resources. Leave it to me to do the coding and build easy-to-use interfaces for the client-facing side of the website.

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I build web solutions on WordPress and other platforms. I also coded a WordPress plugin for a SaaS company and designed several front-end solutions for companies. I have worked in web design and development for over seven years. See Docs Page

Portfolio Sites and Web Apps

Tools and Skills

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Primary OS: Windows 10 with WSL
IDE: VSCode & PhpStorm
Local Server: Docker, Vite, and WPLocal (WordPress)
CMS: WordPress, Drupal, SiteCore, and TerminalFour
Webhost: SiteGround and IONOS VPS
Design Tools: Gimp, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator

UX • UI • React • WordPress • TypeScript • HTML • CSS/Sass • JavaScript ES6 • ARIA & WCAG 2.0 • Tailwind • OpenAI • ChatGPT •  Linux • Git • Docker • AWS • Azure • Figma • Adobe Illustrator • Rapid Prototyping

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