About Me

Life on the Trails and the Web

I have a passion for WordPress design and development. I’m big on learning new things in a rapid-paced, ever-changing tech industry – never a dull moment in JavaScript, PHP, and their frameworks.

From Video Production to Web Development

In 2013, I graduated after three communications internships at the University of North Florida. I started my career in video editing but after spending hours working and designing my website decided to switch careers to build websites.

My Monitor Setup

My freelance work has Clients include  VITA (Virginia IT Agency), FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation), USDOT, AIS Network, Yellowstone Landscape, WorldStrides, Azzly EHR Software, Fisher Design & Advertising, Engage Marketing, and Elvacomm Logistics Marketing

Leader of Richmond’s local WordPress Meetup chapter

I lead Richmond’s local WordPress meetup – Richmond WordPress Meetup Group. Feel free to come on out. In the past, I also was on the board for The JOMM (Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup) as the Digital Director and I updated their website and increased their monthly attendance.

Conferences Attended

Living in the Shenandoah Mountains

I love adventure and traveling and in 2016 I traveled to the mountains in Washington and Oregon. The trails of Cannon Beach and their cliffs were the highlights of the trip. After this trip, I decided to move to the mountains.

My dreams came true five years ago when I was able to move to Harrisonburg, Virginia. I would later move closer to Richmond and I now work remotely in the small town of Louisa, Virginia.

In Louisa, I am close to several cities and I am still close to the Shenandoah mountains.

I also do pro bono work for a local counseling private practice – Heaven’s Rays Ministries.