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Life on the Trails and On the Web


I’m big on learning new things and keeping up with what changing in the world which is why I love WordPress web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so much. Google can change it’s search logarithm a thousand more times and I will be there helping customers get their ranking mojo back.

I discovered my career by starting in video editing by making content for websites. One night after waiting around for my video to render (video publishing process) out for several hours, my friend showed me his website and I decided to quit making videos and begin designing websites. No more waiting long hours for the video to process, no more worrying about if the camera’s white balance was off… I was done. Albeit, I still make training videos on YouTube.

In 2013, I graduated after three communications internships at the University of North Florida. I landed a job with a megachurch just two weeks after. At First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, I had the opportunity of putting together two broadcast shows and in-house video on a weekly basis.

My freelance work has also been featured at Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Mary Fisher Design and Rethreaded Inc hosted events. Today, I develop websites for one of the world’s largest web firms, Web.com. I now volunteer for The JOMM, I am on the board as the Digital Director and I help them with their web projects as well as making sure people attend their events. I also on the side help people with their computer issues at Jax Computer Tech.

Furthermore, I love adventure and traveling and in 2016 I went on a trip to the mountains in Washington and Oregan. The trails of Cannon Beach and their cliffs were the highlights of the trip.

Our dreams came true three years ago and I was able to move to Harrisonburg, VA, I work remotely up here and we hike around the Shenandoah mountains.

Since then we moved to Louisa, VA, and purchased a house. It is close to the mountains, Charlottesville, and Richmond.

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Becky and I at a Hot Air Balloon Festival

Becky and I at a Hot Air Balloon Festival