About Me

I’m big on learning new things and keeping up with what changing in the world which is why I love web development and web design so much.

My focus is in a future of web development and web design. I discovered my career joys of web design through a career in video editing by making content for websites. This is a career path I left in 2015.

In 2013, I graduated after three communications internships at University of North Florida. I landed a job with a mega church just two weeks after. At First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, I had the opportunity of putting together two broadcast shows and in-house video on a weekly basis.

My freelance work has also been featured at Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Mary Fisher Design and Rethreaded Inc hosted events. Today, I develop websites for one of the world’s largest web firms, Web.com. I am also doing more web development projects on the side because I want to eventually work more in a developer role.

Last Summer I married the love of my life, Becky Moseley. We love adventure and traveling and in 2016 we went on a trip to the mountains in Washington and Oregan. The trails of Cannon Beach and the falls in Spokane, Washington were the highlights of the trip.

My wife and I want to move to the smokey mountains. Last fall we ventured out to Greenville, SC, and Ashville, NC – we fell in love and want to leave Florida and move there in the future.

My Wife Becky and I on a Ski Slope

My Wife Becky and I on a Ski Slope